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We know that every barista struggles with latte art, and we are problem solvers. So here is our solution for it!
Our Heylo Milk Unit has been developed to treat the different kinds of milk correctly. From diary milk to vegan solutions, for example, you can adjust the delivery parameters on the settings menu and deliver perfect oat milk for your cappuccino with no added water as steam is no longer needed to warm the milk up.

INTENSE FLAVOUR With Heylo’s Induction Technology, the beverages are made of only milk; you won’t get any water delusion as we don’t use steam! Our milk module develops a Temperature Profile while heating the milk; it helps to avoid any thermal impact, and with the right parameters, you won’t get any burnt milk flavour.

TEXTURED MILK Set the amount of milk and foam, either hot or cold, for preparing all kinds of milk-based beverages. Thanks to our Air Texturing System, you’ll get a creamy texture for latte art.

AUTO ECO CLEANING Once the automatic cleaning cycle finishes, our Smart Liquid Sensor will advise you if any sanitation liquid is left in the tubes. You can clean the entire circuit with biological detergents, and the inductors are removable to clean. Heylo’s precise control allows limited milk wastage between deliveries and rinsing.

ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY Froth plant-based milk like never before, and find the right flavour for your non-dairy alternative beverages! You can also deliver two types of milk using the same milk module. With the precise dosage of milk, there is better control of milk usage and less waste.

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Steamless Solution

Better texture and quality.

It's pure & simple

In addition to increased consistency and reduced waste, this frees up baristas to perform other tasks, and our steam-less milk solution handles two types of milk.

It's precise

Instead of manual steaming, Heylo delivers automated, textured, ready-to-pour milk, allowing users to easily change foam level, volume, and temperature.

It's innovative

Another unique feature is Cold Milk Foam, which can spice up your coffee menu with items like Iced Cappuccinos.


The Heylo Espresso Machine.

Adaptable for any commerical use.

Build out your ideal coffee making workstation.

Espresso Module