The Heylo Machine


Professional Coffee System


Similarly to LEGO, you can customise your setup adapting to your specific needs. Start small and easily add espresso group-heads coffee or milk solutions over time. Don't let a machine dictate your bar layout and workflow! Customized setup panels coming soon as well 🙂


Each unit runs on a 13amp household plug - no need for an electrician. Modularity makes installation a one-person job – the heaviest Heylo is 23kg. Not having boilers makes Heylo a lot simpler to service, plus swapping modules helps logistics around service


Saving 70% energy or more compared to traditional boiler machines is no joke. Serving around 200 coffees a day your business can make a huge impact each year. Save 4,295 kms driven by a petrol car This doesn’t include ‘Scope 3’ emissions that occur indirectly when generating electricity.

Build out your ideal coffee making workstation.

To build your Heylo Machine, you will need to get the Milk Unit and Coffee Unit. To make the Heylo Machine bigger, choose multiple unit and customized to your needs.

The Heylo Milk Unit.

Milk Module

The Heylo coffee Unit.

Boiler-less steam unit under construction

Get your Heylo Machine today

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Why Choose Heylo

Attract and retain customers with quality beverages.

Our intelligent milk system creates rich, creamy, naturally sweet drinks by preserving proteins and sugars through gentle two-phase heating, delivering 100% pure milk without steam dilution.

Reduce costs,
save energy.

How? Instead of constantly heating and storing water in steam boilers and wasting energy, Heylo brews espresso by heating water on-demand for each coffee. Between shots the energy uptake is close to nothing; outside opening hours it is exactly zero.

Peace of mind - continuous coffee service.

In case of any technical issues or breakdown of a particular module, all other parts will continue working making sure uninterrupted coffee service and revenue.

Yearly Analysis - Comparison with Metrics

Heylo Test - Secondary Metrics

CO2 Efficiency Project

Independently tested by Ecofye

The team at Ecofye put our system to an energy consumption test, and the results speak for themselves!

By reducing energy consumption by 70% compared to a dual-boiler espresso machine, we’re not claiming to be perfect, but we’re doing our best for a more environmentally friendly industry!

Imagine saving 1.18 football fields from deforestation, slashing CO2 emissions like a pro, and pocketing £1,500 in savings!

Look through the full report for more information.

Frequently asked Questions

Yes! Thank you for asking.

Each group can process 1.5 kg per hour, so do your math. Or, better yet, we can do it for you: 3 kg an hour in a two-group solution.

Depends on your doses, type of milk, temperature etc. With appropriate cleaning the only limit will be dispensing time.

Ask your local representative / distributor as this will depend on stock levels and other factors.

None. We use induction to heat water and milk instantly.

Ask your local representative or contact us through our website.

A 2gr Heylo solution is … x ….. X ……

Yes. We are already present in 3 continents and expanding.

Italy – where else?

Got Questions?

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The sound of induction!