Milk Module
Milk Module
Milk Module

Milk Module

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We know that every barista struggles with latte art, and we are problem solvers. So here is our solution for it!
Our milk module has been developed to treat the different kinds of milk correctly. From diary milk to vegan solutions, for example, you can adjust the delivery parameters on the settings menu and deliver perfect oat milk for your cappuccino with no added water as steam is no longer needed to warm the milk up. 

Thanks to induction technology, the beverages are made out of pure milk.
Set the amount of milk and foam. In other words, It gives a creamy texture (perfect for latte art).
Automatic liquid sensor technology lets you know if any milk is left in the tubes. You can clean all the components; the inductors are removable. It is possible to clean it with biodegradable detergent.
Due to precision flow control, there is better control of milk usage.
Froth plant-based milk like never before! You can store two types of milk same machine.

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We're frothing over it.

Intuitive, smart, innovative and eco friendly coffee machines.

It's pure & simple

Thanks to the induction technology the beverages are made of pure milk. No steam or water needed! Create beautiful latte art thanks to induction heating. Plus, it's easy to clean!

It's precise

Precision milk temperature for your desired milk quality: cold milk cream, frothed milk, warm milk, super hot creamy milk... It's also great for frothing plant based milks like oat, soy, rice and almond.

It's enviro-friendly

Thanks to the induction technology and the no-waste mindset of Heylo, it's designed for energy saving, minimizing water use and built with 100% recycle friendly, durable components. Drink less-guilty coffee!

The Heylo Milk Module.
Adaptable for any workflow

Build out your ideal coffee making workstation