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Coffee Module
Coffee Module
Coffee Module
Coffee Module
Coffee Module

Coffee Module

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Easily brew specialty coffee. The Coffee module is part of our professional solution and can be set up as a double-head workstation arrangement. It can be combined with any number of other coffee or milk modules.

Depending on usage, save up to 90% on energy consumption compared to a traditional machine setup.

Build custom recipes for different coffees or flavour profiles and control, measure and change the essential brewing parameters: temperature, flow and pressure. The Induction Temperature Control allows you to brew coffee at any temperature ranging from 40-97C, and you can also create temperature profiles with diverse starting and ending temperatures. Heylo Coffee Module also features the Flow & Pressure control, which allows you to brew coffee based on a water flow rate or different pressure stages. Moreover, the Smart Alarm will let you know whether your recipe needs adjustments.

Thanks to Heylo's flexibility, you can freely customise the workflow following your needs and habits. Every module is a standalone solution; choosing Heylo decreases the risk of having your entire coffee bar out of order. Heylo’s modular design will help you find new business models; why not try a new breakfast or coffee delivery business? With Heylo, your coffee travels! Furthermore, our Coffee Module is telemetry ready.

Our boiler-less soul increases water freshness, avoiding contact with heavy metals and boosting the extraction quality.

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Brew different with Heylo

Intuitive, smart, innovative and eco friendly coffee machines.

It's easy to use

Adapt Heylo to your beans, you can control, measure and change all the brewing parameters with an incredible flexibility and learn the behaviour of your coffees during the brewing process!

It's smart

Thanks to the WiFi and telemetry technology, you can fine tune coffee profiles and save them to the machine. With the built in sensors built in, it will even make recommendations on grind and brewing.

It's enviro-friendly

Thanks to the induction technology and the no-waste mindset of Heylo, it's designed for energy saving, minimizing water use and durable components. Drink less-guilty coffee!

The Heylo Espresso Module.
Adaptable for any commercial use.

Build out your ideal coffee making workstation.