Why Heylo focuses on sustainability.

Why Heylo focuses on sustainability.

Since I first heard of climate change, every single metric has worsened, but I firmly believe that it’s not too late.

  • We need to make more options available to people.
  • We need to make better products that can help us make a better world.

It surely helps to turn the water off while shampooing in the shower, but what if we can have better options for ourselves that are also better for our world. It’s possible! 

That’s what I’m trying to do at Heylo, which makes me thrilled to go to the office every day.

Building Better Solutions

We are building better solutions for humans by designing innovative professional coffee equipment. We tried, and I hope we were successful, in making our Heylo modules better for those using it, those buying it, the environment, and the ones enjoying the drinks that come out of it. 

We are not perfect and probably never will be, but we are always trying to improve. We are re-thinking everything all the time. Every detail of our products is thought from scratch so that it can be better. You can see this just by looking at our machines.

Humanity can’t afford to keep doing things as we have been. If we want to have a livable planet, we must face this challenge head-on. I think our way out will be by being ingenious, being innovative, and doing the hard things.

I hope you join us in our journey to making better products. You can help by making different choices, volunteering your interest, and engaging with us. 

Most importantly, walk into the world knowing that it’s not too late.

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