Brew the best coffee whether you are an expert or a beginner.

Save energy, save costs and save space with our modular, customisable professional coffee machines.

#Less guilty coffee
Innovative Induction technology means instant hot water and energy saving

Designed for minimal waste & low energy consumption, Heylo is 100% recyclable, nickel-free and designed for long-lasting good!

#Modular design
Save space and create custom more functional workflows

The modular design allows you to swap modules or simply add another on, to create the exact coffee setup you need.

#No manual needed
Heylo is human-friendly. Make great coffee no matter your expertise.

Packed with clever technology that will advise on grind size, is adaptable to suit your beans and pre-heats and cleans after every delicious shot.

This is not a high carbon footprint cappuccino

Only heating when water is needed = EFFICIENCY!!

We exist to make high-quality coffee accessible and less guilty.

Adaptable for coffee roasters, everyday caffeine addicts and cafe superstars. Heylo Coffee is the machine for you!

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